Velocity Equipment Solutions, LLC Opens New United Kingdom Sales and Distribution Center

United Kingdom – Velocity Equipment Solutions is a leading full service Blow Mold service provider from new blow mold machines, blow mold machine rebuilds, upgrading equipment for Uniloy®, Portola Blow Mold or Liberty Blow Mold machines to all your spare parts management and everything in between. Velocity announced that it has opened a new hub facility located in the United Kingdom to meet its International customers’ increasing needs for both spare parts and all our other business services. Velocity Blow Mold has been providing blow mold services for more than 30+ years.

Dave Evans has worked with Velocity as the European Client Sales Representative now for four years. He has the responsibility of the European territory, and has many years experience with owning and operating blow mold machinery. He can be reached at or locally on +441327263082 or cell +44714218104.

Velocity’s European Sales and Distribution Center is located in Manor Business Park, Grants Hill Way, Woodford Halse, Nhants. The new warehouse will enable Velocity Blow Mold to more effectively distribute our products and services throughout the European continent and most importantly to our UK clients. The new facility is another example of how Velocity Equipment Solutions leads the blow mold industry in responding to our customers’ needs with a solution built around superior customer service and a fast, flexible response.

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