Blow Mold Machine Rebuilds & Upgrades

Maximize Your Investment

Rebuilds & Upgrades by Velocity Equipment Solutions

Whether a machine simply wears out or your production needs change, it’s a fact of life that nothing lasts forever. However…Velocity Equipment Solutions can ensure you get the maximum benefit from your blow mold machinery. If you own an aging machine that cannot meet your current capacity needs, you’re losing money. You don’t have to invest in a brand new machine to meet product demand. Instead, for a fraction of the cost of a new blow mold machine, the professionals at Velocity Equipment Solutions can rebuild and/or upgrade your current machine to match the performance of a new machine.

Experience Gets the Job Done

With more than 30 years of practical hands-on experience in maintaining and upgrading Uniloy, Liberty, and Portola Blow Mold equipment, Velocity Equipment Solutions has the professional acumen necessary to perform total frame-off rebuilds and upgrades. Our team has the talent and resources to make your equipment run better, faster, and more efficiently, providing all the benefits of new equipment without the high price tag.

Consider that many machines built by Velocity 30+ years ago are still in use today.
We know how to build them…and we’re just as talented when it comes to rebuilding and upgrading them.

Uniloy blow molding machine upgrade

Velocity Equipment Solutions Blow Mold Catalog

Review our catalog online or download for your particular needs.


Uncovering the Possibilities

The first step is to determine exactly what steps are necessary to restore your blow mold machine to peak efficiency. To accurately determine your needs, one of our skilled equipment experts will discuss the condition of your equipment with your operations and/or maintenance managers. Our assessment of your current blow molding system will include:

  • A comprehensive and precise assessment of your blow molding system’s current condition
  • A detailed list of the corrections and/or maintenance updates necessary to restore/maintain your machine’s best possible performance
  • Recommendations on actions that will extend the service life of your blow molding system and/or improve its quality and productivity through specific upgrades and/or rebuilds.

Rebuilding the way it should have been built the first time

It starts with tearing the machine down to the bare frame. We re-machine all critical surfaces. We then sandblast and repaint the frame and any reusable components, such as platens and trimmer bases. Upon completion of the refinishing process, we build your machine from the ground up, applying the latest innovations and technologies: many of which didn’t exist when the machine was originally manufactured. This results in a machine that is built stronger, more dependable, and more efficient than it was at the factory and meets all the current safety guidelines.

Custom Upgrades

Increase efficiency, reduce maintenance, extend performance life, and avoid the need to buy new machinery with custom upgrades by Velocity Equipment Solutions. Our upgrade options include:

Air Barrel Cooling Replaces liquid-cooled systems with air-cooled systems Eliminates the need for heat transfer fluid & chiller, reduces maintenance expense
Down Stream Package Transports bottles through a trimmer & detabber Easier to operate & maintain; quick & easy changeover
Cooling Bed Transports bottles from machine to the trimmer Safer & more reliable. Improved controls.
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Replaces old Eddy current drive with an extruder Less expensive to operate. More accurate control.
Hydraulic Power Unit Replaces the old double pump system Easier to set-up, operate & troubleshoot. Longer Pump Life
High Flow Air System Replaces old air system Allows faster cycle time. More reliable.
Front Die Adjust Replaces the old four-point design Faster, easier & safer adjustments that produce better bottles.
Servo Drive Swing Arm Replaces hydraulic system More consistent, accurate control. More reliable.
PLC(s) PLC(s)Replace(s) relays in trimmer and/or blow mold machine cabinet Eliminates counter & relays. Provides more reliable results. Decreases cycle time.
Trimmer Cabinet Replaces trimmer cabinet & fully rewires trimmer Replaces relays & updates trimmer wiring to eliminate downtime.
Rebuilt Trimmer Trimmer includes latest PLC, guards & interlocks Greater reliability. Meets current ANSI and CE regulations for machine guarding.
Crossover Catwalk Platform that mounts over the cooling bed Safer reach to hand adjustments. Keeps dirt off bottles.
“Z” Steps & Guards Safety guard over the front of the machine clamp Safer, more secure. Large opening for adjustments.
Sliding Safety Door Includes latest safety switches and interlocks Safer, more secure. Larger opening for adjustments.
Aluminum Swing Arm Assemblies Replaces original assembly with a far lighter assembly to add life to the rotary actuator Consistent gripping of bottles for less downtime. Longer life of the swing arm rotary.




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