Waterfall Sorter, or Waterfall Cap Sorter, Cap Sorting Systems

The Waterfall Sorter sorts the caps and applies the caps to the bottles all in one packaging assembly. It sorts and elevates the caps from floor level then applies the caps to the bottles with a chute.

The basic function of the Waterfall Sorter is to orient a bottle closure and discharge it to a transfer system – generally a chute. Closures are trickled through a hopper onto a horizontal section of cleated belt. Oriented closures continue to travel up the elevator to where they are pushed and stripped sideways off of the cleated belt into a discharge area. From here the caps are transferred by a chute to where they are applied to a container.

*** Waterfall Sorter is LOADED from the FLOOR LEVEL. ***
This feature can greatly reduce your employee’s risk of falling off of a ladder, climbing a platform and loading the sorter from awkward angles and straining their backs while carrying the boxes up a ladder, improving productivity as well as help reduce labor cost.

Standard Features

  • Runs H-Tab designed caps (Other cap sizes are available to run)
  • Available in 8’, 9’ or 10’ Sorters
  • High Speed Sorter is capable of speeds up to 300 cpm
  • Econo Sorter is capable of speeds up to 125 cpm
  • Wash down resistant
  • Multiple fill room layout possibilities
  • Loaded from floor level
  • Constructed completely of stainless steel
  • Manufactured in accordance with 3-A Standards and Current cGMP Standards
  • All material is RoHS compliant
  • Accumulated hopper bin to a pre-feed belt
  • Clean out chute and hatch allowing for an easy line clearance
  • PLC motor controls
  • Stainless steel drive, motor & gear box
  • Drive Type – Chain Drive
  • Low Mount Drive System (Stainless Steel) – Econo System Only
  • High Mount Drive System (Painted Motor) – High-Speed System Only
  • View ports
  • Magnetic safety switches on doors

Electro-Optic sensors are able to record and detect the following controls

  • Full chute
  • Pre-feed belt
  • Conveyor jam (upper)

Optional Features

  • Chute run out sensor package

Machine Utility Requirements

  • Electrical – 240 VAC or 480 VAC, 60Hz