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Bottle Capping Machines: Three Headed CapperIt’s one of the last steps before packaging, yet it’s most often the part of the filling process that undergoes the most customization. Bottle capping machines are intricately engineered, designed, and built to complete complicated automation. Velocity Equipment Solutions has decades of experience working with a wide variety of clients who bring their own precise specifications. From 3 to 5 gallon sizes to different cap needs, as well as contents, there are a host of components to be considered when choosing the right bottle capping machine.

In addition to meeting shipping regulations, your products must be able to stand up to the physical rigors of shipping and provide safe shelf stability. In some cases, customers need a bottle capping machine that can handle quick switchovers to meet their requirements for multiple capping applications and other specialized production. With innovative engineering, smart design, and excellence in build quality, Velocity Equipment Solutions delivers the bottle capping solutions that meet your needs.

And, to ensure that our equipment remains the industry’s best choice, we avoid any distractions or encumbrances by solely focusing on Velocity’s bottle capping machinery.

We ONLY Build & Service Velocity Bottle Capping Machines

Bottling capping machines available for:

  • Snap caps
  • Chuck caps
  • Screw caps
  • Spindle caps

Bottle Capping MachineRefurbished and Used Bottle Capping Machine

Many bottle capping machines and bottle capping equipment are designed and built for long-lasting dependable use. When one company outgrows its machines, switches manufacturing locations, or other changes, they may have extra equipment no longer needed. A used bottle capping machine can be the perfect solution for a small, new, or stretched manufacturer. At Velocity, we make sure that every refurbished and used bottle capping machine we supply has the same high standards of engineering as new machinery. This includes updating, customizing, and any other modifications your company requires.

And if your company is looking to upgrade your current bottle capping machine, we can assist with any adjustments. If your capacity changes, a new bottle is designed, or other modification, let us know. Not only will we source any product for you, but we will also customize it for your bottle capping machine and production line to get you going ASAP.

Bottle Capping Equipment

When it comes time to upgrade your bottle capping machine or line, we can customize the line package with different machines.  Or, if your company needs improved capacity in one area, we can provide the solution in the way of engineered bottle capping equipment.  Our bottle capping machine equipment includes:

  • Elevator hoppers
  • Waterfall sorters
  • Leak detectors
  • Conveyers
  • Chutes (including duel)
  • Quality inspection systems
  • Label lines
  • Pick-off heads
  • Cap Pressers



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