Blow Molding Machine, Reciprocating Blow Mold Machine, and Blow Mold Equipment for Sale

The entirety of Velocity’s blow mold parts and machines are made on location under strict quality controls including ISO 9001. Velocity Equipment Solutions has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing blow molding machines, reciprocating blow mold machines, and blow molds from 30 ml to more than 5 gallons.

We offer new and used machines and equipment for sale, including clamp components, molds, cooling beds, and trimmers, and even offer blow molding machine rebuilds and custom upgrades.

Blow Mold Equipment for Sale

Blow molding machines are made of many different parts, therefore it is important to regularly maintain and replace parts and equipment for those machines. Additionally, equipment upgrades can be implemented to modify your blow molding machine as your business grows and changes. That’s why we bring you the best replacement parts and equipment.

Blow Mold Equipment for Sale

Uniloy Blow Molding Machines, and Reciprocating Blow Mold Machine

Velocity Equipment Solutions offers a variety of brands and models for blow molding machines. One popular option is the Uniloy Recip Series. This reciprocating blow mold machine uses advanced molding technology for reciprocating screw intermittent-extrusion.

Learn more about Uniloy blow molding machines here.

Blow Molding Machines

What happens if you need to place an order after normal business hours? How do you measure a platen? Can Velocity supply all of my Uniloy blow mold parts and neck tooling? Learn the answer to these questions and more on our frequently asked questions page.

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