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Bottling system partsVelocity Equipment Solutions builds bottle capping machines and ancillary equipment that stand the test of time. We’ve been doing so for more than 45 years. With that level of experience in the engineering, designing, and manufacturing of high-quality bottle cap machinery, Velocity Equipment Solutions has mastered the process. More importantly, our experience has taught us what materials are best suited for delivering long-term reliability and precision results. After three decades of innovative accomplishment, Velocity Equipment Solutions builds the bottle capping machine you can depend on.

Our Small-scale Bottle Capping Machines can be part of an efficient system for start to finish packaging. From packaging processes to labeling and cap sleevers, Velocity Equipment Solutions offers seamless integration of packaging, bottle capping equipment, and a host of other services. So you have an effective and complete packaging solution.

Our Medium-scale Bottle Capping Machines boasts fast processing and a heavy-duty construction that allows them to operate at full capacity with uncompromising dependability.

At 600 5-gallon bottles per hour, this is the machine that can greatly increase your production capabilities. A washer, filler, and capper can operate entirely automatically with safeguards and a controlled filling system that prevents bottle overflow and accidents for your packaging processes.

Velocity Equipment Solutions has provided machines for:

  • Sample Size production
  • Liquid foods
  • Beverages
  • Water
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Health and Wellness products
  • Institutional use
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive specialty chemicals




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