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New standard-built reciprocating blow mold machines, customized blow mold machines, clamp components, die head assemblies, trimmers and deflashers, cooling beds, conveyors, neck tooling, and so much more: Velocity Equipment Solutions manufactures equipment that meets your blow mold production needs. We design and manufacture all our equipment. We jealously guard the quality of our equipment to ensure you receive equipment that meets the industry’s highest quality standards. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Quality Engineering in EVERY Product

Blow Mold machinery quality is judged by the final product it produces. Bottom line: it takes high quality machinery to produce high-quality bottles. For over 35 years, Velocity Equipment Solutions has produced what many consider to be the world’s most dependable blow mold equipment. Intelligent, innovative engineering and design, superior materials, stringent quality control, and total in-house manufacturing ensure that you receive dependable, durable equipment.

The Velocity Equipment Solutions team brings over 30+years of blow molding experience to every design and build of every piece of blow molding machinery. Our integrated real-time preventative maintenance software increases maintenance efficiency. Consistent efficiency upgrades ensure continued optimal performance, and our state-of-the-art electronics provide a simplified and easy-to-navigate interface.

Velocity Equipment Solutions Blow Mold Equipment Catalog

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Engineered to be safe, easier to use and clean

Our blow mold machines are designed to save time on changeovers, as well as wear-part replacement and maintenance. They’re engineered to be safer, easier to use, and easier to clean. Velocity Equipment Solutions takes pride in being able to customize your machine to meet your individual needs. Velocity builds machines that make better bottles.

Direct load trimmers, detabbers and spin trimmers, leak detectors, cooling beds and conveyor systems: these are just a few of the many features and options available with our machines. Decades of experience have taught us what you want and need in blow molding equipment. Velocity Equipment Solutions engineers, designs, and builds in order to fulfill those needs in the most affordable, effective, and efficient manner possible.




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