Cap Snap Bottling Line, 5 Gallon Bottling Line, and Cap Snap Bottling Repair

CapSnapTM is the premier name in HOD water bottling equipment. Known all over the world for reliable, durable, and long-lasting performance, the Cap Snap bottling line is engineered to be customized for each client without sacrificing quality. Installation and support are all available from Velocity Equipment Solutions for the complete Cap Snap bottling line. Spare parts, audits, service, and troubleshooting for Cap Snap bottling repair is also available from Velocity.

Known for quality and lasting for decades of reliable production, CapSnap’s dependable consistency, durability, and ease-of-operation are the qualities that go into each bottling line. Customization, options, and solutions are built for your company and production line so you get just what you need – a custom-built HOD water bottling plant without the custom costs.

5 Gallon Bottling Line

High-Quality Reliability from the Cap Snap Bottling Line

All around the world, HOD water bottling companies depend on CapSnap for high-quality bottling equipment and service. As the leading provider of complete HOD water bottling systems, the Cap Snap bottling line can be customized for automation of washing, sanitizing, filling and capping of 3, 4, 5, and 6 gallon water bottles.

The Cap Snap bottling line can meet the demand for big and small clients with systems ranging from 150 up to 3,000 bottles per hour (BPH). The Cap Snap bottling line can also be modified for any size business. As your business grows and needs to meet growth modifications, options, and solutions will be ready to custom-build the HOD water bottling line to meet your new demand.

CapSnap is ready to meet the high standards your company adheres to. All CapSnap water bottling equipment meets or exceeds IBWA, and FDA standards. And, CapSnap equipment is NSF food-zone component certified. If your company needs other specialized requirements, CapSnap equipment can be specially designed, integrated, and built to your specifications including automation and robotic solutions.

Cap Snap Bottling RepairKey Features of Cap Snap Bottling Line Equipment

Manual and Automatic Decappers – Accommodations for all types of decapping including manual/hand-activated, semi-automatic, and full-automatic solutions.

Leak/Contaminant Detectors – Various inspection equipment for automated inspection processes and quality checks.

External Rotary Prewasher – Great solution for bottlers in areas servicing clients with dusty environments such as mines, factories, foundries, and other potentially contaminated areas.

Bottle Washer Systems – Industry-leading bottle washers. Solutions to meet all water bottlers’ needs including manually loaded to fully automated systems.

Automated Filling Stations – After washing and sanitizing, filling stations can be customized to your speed specifications.

Automated Cappers – Multiple options available including the widely popular presser-belt sealing mechanism, adjustable as desired.

Robotic Solutions – Designed as needed for loading, unloading, or any other process as needed.

Once your system is running, Velocity is your partner for any Cap Snap bottling repair you might need. This includes routine and preventative maintenance, modifications, spare parts, and emergency service. Velocity’s global support service is available from numerous field offices around the world.




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