Cap Sorting System

Putting caps on your bottles is an important step at the end of your production setup. These caps need to be properly oriented, which can prove to be a challenge unless you use a quality cap sorting system from Velocity Equipment Solutions.

Depending on your needs we offer both a horizontal sorter and a vertical sorter, and either of these options can handle up to 300 caps per minute in supply, with the horizontal sorter able to hit up to 400 caps per minute. In some cases, you have multiple caps sizes that you are using with different production runs, and you don’t want to have a lot of work to change over these supplies.

Hence, we offer sorters that have minimal changeover and need to use the same equipment for different caps. From handling a variety of different sizes of screw caps to the popular snap caps and more, we have the right cap sorters for your needs, all you need to do is to contact us today to learn more.

Velocity Equipment Solutions Blow Mold Catalog

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Elevator Hoppers For Consistent Supplies

Your cap sorter needs to be supplied with more caps regularly to maintain your production run. However, as most capping systems utilize gravity to keep the caps coming down the line, your cap sorter is likely elevated above the floor level. You could have an employee use a ladder to fill an elevated container that feeds your sorter, but this introduces additional risk and potential complications. Instead, having an elevator hopper feed your cap sorter is the perfect solution.

Our elevator hoppers are designed to provide a continuous feed of caps to your cap sorter without having to resort to using a ladder or filling a sorter from awkward angles. Instead, an employee simply needs to fill the floor-level hopper and let the elevator portion do the rest to fill the cap sorter. This ensures greater safety for everyone on the production floor as well as minimal disruption to the production process.

Waterfall Sorters Keep Caps Moving

If you are setting up a new production line, then you may want to consider looking at waterfall cap sorters for your capping setup. This machine combines the cap sorter function as well as the elevator hopper function all in a single machine. The caps that are not oriented properly on the elevator belt will fall off into the hopper for another try. As the properly oriented caps travel up the waterfall belt, they will be moved off to either side of the belt into a chute system that is gravity-fed. These waterfall sorters make it easy to keep the hopper full and the production line going.

At Velocity Equipment Solutions, we have several decades of experience and this means that we have worked hard at making all of our equipment as solid as possible so that you can keep things moving with minimal interference. Whether that means having a quality cap sorting system, adding an elevator hopper for your caps, or stepping up to a waterfall cap sorter, we have what you need for your bottling production. Contact us today to learn more about all of these important options.




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