Pick Off Heads

Pick off Heads are custom fabricated per customer demands to meet different capping sizes. A pick off head can be easily adjusted for different cap sizes within the same style. All pick off heads are custom fabricated to meet the customer’s requirements.


After caps leave the feeder they enter the chute. The pick off head holds the caps in a specific location where they are placed on the bottles as they pass by. Each cap is held by stainless steel fingers as it waits for a bottle. As the bottle advances, on a conveyor or a star wheel, the neck of the bottle catches the edge of the cap and drags it out of the pick off head with a leveling action assisted by the leveling plate, which is made custom per cap size.


  • Standard – 2 bolts
  • 4 Bolt Flange – made for dual sorters

Standard Features

  • Leveling plate is made per cap size and filler number
  • Manufactured in accordance with 3-A and cGMP Standards
  • All material is RoHS compliant
  • Can be switched to run other cap sizes by switching out 2 bolts
  • Wash down resistant
  • Multiple design layout possibilities
  • Constructed completely of stainless steel
  • Dual chutes with dual pick off heads are available to be custom fabricated
  • Brackettrey can be custom fabricated for different applications