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Tooling for EVERY manufacturer’s neck finish

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Uniloy, Liberty, and Portola, Velocity: Velocity Equipment Solutions create tooling for every manufacturer’s neck finish. Whether it’s for pull-up, spin-trim, or ram-down applications, Velocity Equipment Solutions has the tooling you need to get the job done right. We can provide tooling for any manufacturer’s neck finish.

See Velocity Equipment Solutions for all your tooling needs, including:

  • Neck Inserts

    Velocity Equipment Solutions provides Neck Inserts for ALL of Portola Packaging, Blackhawk, Berry, Silgan or ANY other neck finishes for spin trim, pull-up, and ram-down applications.

  • CNC Machined Pinches

    Deliver a repeatable pinch-off cycle after cycle.

  • Customized Neck Inserts

    Using 3-D software and tool paths, our technicians define the true geometry of the neck insert, enabling us to deliver a product that meets your exact specifications.

  • 2-Piece Air Seals

    Standard or Aluminum, our standard Air Seals are in stock and ready to ship.

  • Tools

    Velocity Equipment Solutions has the gauges, pin & bushing removal tools, ball spline pickle forks, and other tools you need for maintaining and operating your machines.

  • Blow Pin Stems

    Available for Standard, High, and Ultra High Flow. Velocity Equipment Solutions also carries floating blow pin adaptors.

  • Shear Rings
  • Top Blocks

    For Standard Gallon and Standard HALF-Gallon

  • Volume Control Mechanism Assemblies

    Half Gallon AND Gallon Volume Control Insert Mechanical Assemblies. Pneumatic Volume Control Available Upon Request.

Velocity Equipment Solutions Blow Mold Catalog

Review our catalog online or download for your particular needs.


Shear Steels

Looking for new shear steels?

Shear Steel GraphVelocity Equipment Solutions has shear steels for ALL of Portola Packaging, Blackhawk, Berry, Silgan or ANY other standard pull up finishes.
Velocity Wear MaxTM Shear Steels require less maintenance time and provide longer intervals between replacing parts. That means you purchase fewer shear steels, deal with far fewer downtime, and reduce your overall production costs. WearMaxTM Shear Steels deliver greater durability, having five (5) times the wear resistance and one and a half times the toughness.

They feature:

  • Higher Alloy Composition
  • Refined Carbide Structure
  • Consistent Heat Treat Response
  • Longer Shelf Life



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