Blow Molding Machines

For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing blow molding machines, under the strictest of quality controls. Since blow molding machines are made of a variety of different parts, it’s important to maintain those parts and replace parts in need. Blow molding machines offer large bottling capacity and high output machines. We offer reciprocating blow mold machines and blow mold machines for HDPE single layer bottles. Whether you need standard blow molding machines or customized blow molding machines, they are built to manage production of the finest quality. All of our blow molding machines are made to last, are easy to use, and offer quality production.

Service and Parts available 24/7 for Blow Molding Machines

Each blow molding machine is made to change with your business. Each machine can be modified and upgraded when needed. When you need parts or service, you can call our service line. We stock parts that can be shipped out to you the same day you order them. Even if it is after hours, our client services line is available to ship at any time, day or night. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and can take care of your needs. Our global manufacturing company not only builds blow molding machines but also sells them. Each of our blow molding machines are made with the highest engineering, featuring even distribution, coverage, and consistent production. We understand that each machine needs to be held to the highest standards and quality controls. Because we manufacture all our own machinery, we can customize each machine to fit your specific business needs. We can also repair or replace parts when needed. Our machines are most used for non-carbonated drinks, such as juices, water, and dairy.

New and Used Blow Molding Machines Available

Regardless of the type of blow molding machine you need, we can provide it. Whether you need continuous to injection blow, stretch, and reciprocating screw with intermittent excursion, we have what you need. If it’s an accumulator head with an intermittent excursion you’re looking for, we can oblige. Our business also sells used blow molding equipment. When you need to buy used blow molding equipment, we can help find you exactly what you need. Since all our machines and components are manufactured by us, we can customize each machine to fit the specific needs of your business. Whether you need clamp components, die head components, molds neck tooling, trimmers, or cooling beds for your blow molding equipment, we will make sure you have the tools needed for each job. For more information on blow molding machines, visit