Filling Machine Options for Commercial Packaging

Companies involved in bottling operations realize the importance of good machinery to keep a production line running. Within this industry, many filling machines are compatible with 5-gallon bottles. These include inline, side shift and an automatic filling and capping machine to name a few. Each has operations they are best suited for, and all have distinct advantages in production.

Inline Filling Machines

There are many types of inline filling machines designed to work well on a bottle filling line. One of the most versatile is the servo pump filling system. Able to fill nearly any type of product that can be pumped, each nozzle delivers thin, medium or thick liquids. It’s often purchased by contract packaging companies that never know what will be expected of them next. In addition to water, other liquids that can be pumped with these machines include sauces, cosmetics and soaps.

Side Shift Machines

Side shift filling machines are available in up to 14 head fillers, and are known for their versatility. This automatic filling and capping machine pushes bottles to the center for filling, and has a compact and unique design that allows empty bottles to be positioned quickly and precisely. These machines are capable of large-volume operations, able to fill 2400 bottles or more per hour. They are also used for a variety of applications including water, juice and milk.

Pressure Filling Machines

These machines are among the most popular of filling machines, for they offer a fast fill rate and are very affordable to new companies in need of equipment. Needing fewer heads to fill its bottles, it does have some drawbacks. Very foamy liquids tend to run out of the bottles unless the production speed is slowed, and abrasive liquids can harm the machinery by eating into the metal. It’s best used for light to medium viscosity products like shampoos and other similar products.

Timer-Based Machines

Designed for easy flow liquids such as cooking oil, lubricants and cleaning fluids, these machines are very compact and capable of filling 400 bottles or more per hour. Timer-based machines are designed to do just as they sound, with each bottle being filled based upon a set amount of time and also by its weight. They are used most often with liquids and powders, and can make a bottle filling line run very smoothly.

Overflow Recovery Machines

These filling machines are the most widely used in the industry because they can handle free-flowing liquids as well as those with medium viscosity. Bottled water, liquid soap and dairy products are perfect for these machines. Filling to a target fill height rather than on volume, they are easy to use and cost less than most other machines.

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