Bottling For Small- and Medium-Sized Operations

Products of every shape, size and type have one thing in common: solid and protective packaging.  When items are still in the manufacturing phase and have been tested for quality, safety and the like, they head to a package filling line where a handful of different kinds of machines get them ready for distribution.   Small- and medium-sized water bottling companies, rely on 5-gallon bottles as a corner stone of their primary packaging, so such companies need reliable automatic filling machines to easily and efficiently pour the goods into each bottle.  Producers have a few machines to choose from to suit their needs.

Keeping It Small

Small-scale businesses don’t need bottle fillers that do everything in the same unit.  They do, however, need an efficient system.  In this case, a 150-275 machine may be just the right fit.  Velocity’s 150-275 allows for up to 275 5-gallon jugs to be filled each and every hour, from start to finish.  When bottles are filled with this 1-head system, each goes through a sanitation process in the machine’s washer before receiving its contents.  Bottles are washed upside down and automatically flipped and filled.  If that’s not enough, the process is quite literally topped off by the capping mechanism that secures every bottle.  Labeling and cap sleevers can be added to any line to better promote a company look.

Scaling up for Medium-sized Operations

If a company finds that it’s outgrown the current operation, it might be time to up-size the machinery.  While a bottle filler to rival the likes of Arrowhead isn’t necessary at this point, the increased success means opting for something a bit more heavy duty than before.  Velocity’s 300-600 automatic filling machines help to churn out more product, capable of filling a maximum of 600 5-gallon bottles per hour!  The all-in-one washer/filler/capper machine comes in 1- or 2-head versions and operates entirely automatically—from washer loading and unloading to the controlled filling system (which prevents bottle overflow) to the stomper to secure each cap.

Versatile?  You Bet!

Any major filling system may seem like it would be cumbersome, however Velocity’s 150-275 and 300-600 fillers are compact.  Each can even be expanded to handle greater bottling volumes without affecting their physical size.  Feeling ambitious?  Need something extra?  These fillers not only come with myriad features but also accept customizations for washer heating, water conservation, speed controls, upgraded cappers and more.

No matter what you bottling needs are, Velocity can help.  Small- and medium-sized operations have compact and affordable solutions right at their finger tips to get goods ready for those who matter most—eager customers.  And if full-scale packaging is within your reach, we can help with that too.  Contact Velocity H2O today about products to fit your bottling needs!

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