Essential Packaging Equipment for Dairy Farmers

Most dairy farms in America are smaller-scale operations with less than 200 cows. Of the 51,000 dairy farms in the US, 97% (including some larger facilities) are family-owned and operated. To increase the production value of their facilities, many dairy farmers are modernizing their operations and taking control of their own bottling and packaging instead of handing off the process to large-scale milk processors. Aside from pasteurizing equipment, this means that they will have to invest in dairy bottling equipment.

Milk Jug Blow Mold Equipment

To avoid the costs of shipping empty plastic container, it is more cost effective to make milk bottles and jugs on site using blow mold machinery. The rising price of fuel globally is forcing dairy producers to look at every aspect of their business, and shipping is no exception.  Transporting as few as 250,000 gallon jugs per month is equal to as many as 185 truck loads!  Velocity provides “turn key” solutions to dairy operations for manufacturing their own plastic containers.  From container design, equipment, to installation and training – Velocity can turn empty space into an “in house” manufacturing center for plastic containers.  Velocity produces machinery for a wide range of food-grade bottle production.  From 4 ounce to 4 Gallon – Velocity can provide the blow molding solution to fit your need.

Dairy Packaging Equipment

After the dairy product and bottles are both ready, the milk can be packaged for sale and distribution.

Packaging involves an assembly line to fill each and every blow mold bottle and jug.  Velocity has the capabilities to help your dairy operation from blow molding to capping.  Our dairy capping equipment is utilized by nearly every major Dairy operation in the world.  Once bottles are filled, each must be capped and ready for transport and sale.  Velocity offers a line of cap sorters and chutes, which will gather bottle caps and position them to be pressed onto each bottle.  As an all-in-one option, a waterfall sorter will not only sort bottle caps but will complete the entire capping process to securely affix caps to each bottle.  The only thing left from here is labeling.  Voila!  Your milk is ready for shipment!

Establishing a successful dairy is no small task; it requires time, effort and technical knowhow.  From processing the essential ingredients to packaging the milk with high-tech filling equipment, the dairy industry is a complex one.  However, if you’re familiar with dairy production, you know how rewarding it can be!  Let Velocity do our part in helping your business thrive; contact us today about our filling and sorting equipment!

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