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Velocity announced the introduction of two revolutionary technologies for blowing HDPE containers

Velocity Equipment Solutions, LLC announced the completion of two new technologies for extrusion blow molding of HDPE containers, in collaboration with Nampak Plastics. The first is the only All Electric Quick Change Reciprocating Blow Mold Machine in the world. This machine uses electro-mechanical actuators to replace...

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Velocity Equipment Solutions

Velocity Equipment Solutions, LLC is a leading supplier of Packaging Machinery. We specialize in three markets: equipment, parts, and tooling for Blow Molding of HDPE containers, Capping Equipment, and bulk Water Bottling Systems. Velocity supplies both off the shelf solutions to handle your packaging needs as well as custom designed solutions.

The equipment we carry will allow you to control your packaging operations from start to finish. Our products are designed for safety, ease of use and quality production. With open frame designs, stainless steel components, and adjustability features, Velocity Equipment Solutions will provide you with durable, easily maintained packaging systems that will give you consistently high performance.

Blow Molding Machinery

Velocity manufactures a wide range of solutions for the Extrusion blow molding market. To complement these systems, we also offer a variety of clamps, machine upgrades, die heads, molds, neck tooling equipment, cooling beds and trimmers. These allow you to produce perfectly finished and consumer-ready bottles within your own operations.

Water Bottling Equipment

Our 5 gallon bottle filling machinery includes equipment for washing, sanitizing, filling and capping. Bottling systems are able to perform multiple functions within the same unit so that all stages of filling are fully integrated. In addition to more standard filling systems, Velocity can also design robotic solutions to assist with various parts of the filling process. Add-ons, such as pre-washers, leak detectors, contaminant detectors, visual light inspection stations and more, are also available to better suit individual client needs. Our systems are designed to easily change between 3, 4 and 5 gallon production with solutions for all of your packaging, labeling and inspection needs.

Plastic Conveyor Systems

Velocity Equipment Solutions has a unique perspective as a solutions provider and offers a variety of plastic conveyor systems that are superior to other standard conveyor systems. Our systems are designed to meet your needs, made from durable FDA approved plastic.

Automatic Capping Equipment

Velocity Capping supplies both the equipment to make plastic caps as well as apply them to the containers. Capping equipment to transport, organize and set caps includes elevator hoppers, pick off heads and presser belts. The chutes we sell for capping systems are custom fabricated for each project. We also carry a variety of cap sorters, including vertical, horizontal, dual and waterfall. Whether you use caps of different sizes, require high speed sorting or have any other capping constraints, we can find the most efficient automatic bottle capping machine for your operation.


For information on the specific products and systems we carry, see the Blow Mold, Capping, or Water Bottling divisions. If you would like to ask a question about any of our products, get feedback on designing a custom packaging system or request a quote, contact us by phone, email or our online form.

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