Bulk Water Bottling Equipment

Whatever your capacity for bottling water or other liquids, there is a potential market that you aren’t tapping if you don’t have a bulk water bottling equipment station. The individual bottles that you run production for are an important piece of your business, but you are missing out on other opportunities when you lack a bulk water bottling operation. You are able to supply to businesses who offer bulk water to drink in their offices, hospitals, and clinics who want an easy and safe source of drinking water for patients, staff and visitors, and other operations where clean drinking water is desired. Whether you sell direct, work with a distributor, or do both, you owe it to your bottling business to look at incorporating a bulk water bottling equipment setup.

Why Add A Bulk Water Bottling Station

As was mentioned, having bulk water bottling equipment in your bottling operation provides a new revenue stream for your business. Standard bottle sizes make it easy to begin working with a distributor for your bulk water bottles, as they will work in a variety of dispensing equipment readily available. You can start with a single size and expand to more sizes as demand grows, or start with a variety of sizes to appeal to different customers.

In your display room, you can now add another line of products to show to potential partners and buyers. This shows to those potential customers that you have a variety of options for them and that you know what you are doing and they do not need to go anywhere else for their needs.

You Can Do More Than Just Water

Just like our regular bottling machines, your bulk water bottling equipment can handle more than just water. If you wanted to add special flavorings, such as lemon or lime, to your bulk water, you can easily do this. You could run other liquid food products through the equipment, or even other general liquids through the equipment. You could, for example, run fruit juice in bulk bottles for a company along with their individual fruit juice bottles. They could then use them as promotions, samples at local stores, or other applications.

Having bulk water bottling equipment provides a number of new opportunities, both with current customers and new customers. Give Velocity Equipment Solutions a call today to learn more about how bulk water bottling equipment can work in your production line.