Swing Arm Assembly with Aero Cylinder – Non-adjustable

Aero Cylinder Swing Arm Drawing

Swing Arm Assembly for Uniloy® 350R2 - With Aero Cylinder
Assembly for a 6 Head Gallon or an 8 Head Half Gallon Machine
Part Number for Assembly: 520-040
No.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part No.Uniloy® Part No.
1Rotac Shaft1M520-027871054 / 876093
2Swing Arm4M520-023872132
3Hex Screw 1-14 x 1 1/2" LG4--
4Swing Arm Shaft2M520-026117700
5Swing Arm Cylinder Bracket2M520-035843557
7Finger Shaft4M520-032843560
10Swing Arm Rod Clevis2M520-031-
11Swing Arm Act. Bracket2M520-037843563
12Swing Arm Pivot Bracket2M520-036843564
13Flange Bearing1MP001200005670005

Swing Arm Assemblies Available for your 4 Head Gallon Machines as well.