4 Head Assembly – With Bleedscrew

4 Hd Assembly with Bleed screw Draw

Dash 4 Head Assembly - With a Bleedscrew

No.DescriptionVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1Mandrel Adjusting NutMAT00744832477
2Retainer PlateMAT00354-03832470
3Retainer Ring for Adj. NutMAT00354-02832471
6Diverter SleeveM510-001876052
7Die BlockAs Required-
8Pressure RingM510-069847018
9Feed ThroatM510-060886988
10DieAs Required-
11Clamp RingMAT00217826027
12MandrelAs Required-
13Flange Screw - 12 Point (8)MAT014468876320
14Heater Band - Feed ThroatM510-043-
15Heater Band - Die TipM510-011-
16Bleed ScrewM510-070886991

Dash 4 Style with Bleedscrew - Additional Information

Cartridge HeatersThermocouples
.Melt Bolt - M510-55
8" - M510-28Adj. Depth - M510-57
3" - M510-4690o Fixed Bayonet - M510-58
.Thermocouple Adaptor - M510-60