34″ x 15″ Single Rotac® – Standard Duty

4 head gallon clamp package


No.Pkg.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
ATie Bar PackageASSY-105---
BToggle PackageASSY-106---
1A,BFront Platen1M500-005838575
2A,BCenter Platen1M500-153837311
3A,BRear Platen1M500-024-
4ABushing Holder4MAT00064831381
5APlaten Shoe3MAT00071829494
6APlaten Shoe3MAT00999879445
7APlaten Rail6MAT00169823722
10BToggle Pin8MAT00846841263
11ATie Bar4MAT00784882947
12AHex Nut4MAT00785320079
13ATie Bar Nut8MAT00556882948
14BRotac Arm (Right)1MAT00688841259
15BRotac Arm (Left)1MAT00689841260
16ASplit Ring / Retainer Ring4MAT00168841225
18BRotac Actuator1MP002320003-
19A,BFront Platen1M500-005838575
20A,BCenter Platen1M500-153837311
21A,BRear Platen1M500-024---
22ABushing Holder 2"4MAT00064
(Refurbished: MAT00064R)
23APlaten Shoe3MAT00071829494
24APlaten Shoe3MAT0099879445
25APlaten Rail6MAT00169823722
27BToggle Link + Bearing
Pressed Together
(we ship the links with
the bearings pressed in,
but can also be sold separate)

Assembly: ASSY-119
(Toggle Link: MAT00687)

(Bearing: MP001200006)
(Toggle Link: 841262)
(Bearing: 615026)
28BToggle Pin8MAT00846841263
29ATie Bar4MAT00784882947
30AHex Nut4MAT00785320079
31ATie Bar Nut8MAT00556882948
32BRotac® Arm Right1MAT00688841259
33BRotac® Arm Left1MAT00689841260
34ASplit Ring / Retainer Ring4MAT00168841225
35BRotac® Actuator1MP002320003---

Clamp Assemblies are shipped with all the fasteners needed for easy assembly at your location!

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