28.5″ x 15″ Double Rotac® – Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Clamp Assemblies are for a 6 Head Gallon or an 8 Head Half Gallon.
Clamp components are shipped with all of the fasteners needed for easy assembly at your location.

Double Rotac® Heavy Duty

Toggle Package

Pkg.DescriptionVelocity Part Number
AToggle PackageASSY-102
BCenter Link PackageASSY-103
No.Pkg.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1ARotac® Arm Left1MAT00689841260
2AToggle Link + Bearing
Pressed Together
(we ship the links with
the bearings pressed in,
but can also be
sold separate)


Assembly: ASSY-119

(Link: MAT00687)

(Bearing: MP001200006)

4AToggle Pin16MAT00846841263
5BRotac® Actuator2MP002320003-
6BRotac® Center Arm, Left1M511-042-
7BRotac® Center Link1M511-040-1-
8BRotac® Center Arm, Right1M511-041-
9ARotac® Arm Right1MAT00688841259

Heavy Duty Tie Bar Package

Tie Bar Package ~ ASSY-108

No.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1Front Platen1See Platen Section-
2Center Platen1See Platen Section-
3Rear Platen1See Platen Section-
4Bushing Holder 2-1/2"6MAT00054
(Refurbished: MAT00054R)
5Tie Bar6MAT00221882945
6Tie Bar Nut14MAT00445879533
7Tie Bar Nut*4M511-013885094
8Platen Shoe6MAT00051871019
9Platen Rail6M511-112878897
* Tie Bar Nut with MTG. Holes for outer bores on Front Platens Only
Platens sold separately.