High Flow Air Manifold Systems

High Flow Air Manifolds

DECREASE your Cycle Time
INCREASE Bottle Quality
DECREASE Maintenance Time and Costs

Our High Flow Air Manifold System will do all the above and more!

Our High Flow Air Manifold System will replace your current air system.
The benefits of our system are:

  • Faster fill time due to a larger poppet valve usage
  • Faster exhaust time due to quick exhaust valve usage
  • Decreased cycle time and maintenance costs
  • Improved blown bottle quality

Air Manifold Example of SavingsHigh Flow Air Manifold Details:

Our high flow air system utilize the latest technology in pneumatic valves and manifolds. This provides for the quickest delivery of air to fill the bottle cavity and optimize the exhaust time.

Typically, with the addition of this system there will be a 15% improvement in cycle time due to quicker inflation and quicker exhaust. An additional benefit is a better quality container. By inflating the bottle faster, the end result provides a more uniform plastic distribution and a better container.

Other Areas that are Critical:

For this system to function properly the correct volume of air is required. At the minimum, you will need 1 1/4″ supply line to feed this system.

The system can be purchased as a 110V AC system for older machines or 24V DC for the newer or updated machines. Please specify your voltage requirement at the time of the order.

Blow Pins & Stripper Valves:
If your machine is set up without blow pins, then the system can be purchased without the blow pin valve. Also, if your machine does not use a stripper, then the system can be purchased without a stripper valve. These can also be simply capped off as well.

We recommend using the following with this Air Upgrade:

  • Blow Pin Body Style: 105-104-#
  • Blow Pin Stem: 102-88

The usage of these will allow quicker inflation and exhaust times.

High Flow Air Manifold System – Main Air Supply


Air Manifold Drawing


4 Head Gallon Machines

4 Head Gallon Machines

ASSY-021 – Single Solenoid Valve System
ASSY-022 – Double Solenoid Valve System

6 Head Gallon Machines

Air Manifold Solenoid System Drawing

ASSY-023 – Single Solenoid Valve System
ASSY-024 – Double Solenoid Valve System

8 Head Gallon Machines

8 Head Gallon Machines

ASSY-025 – Single Solenoid Valve System
ASSY-026 – Double Solenoid Valve System

Want to run a faster cycle?

Want to produce more bottles each day?

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