Swing Arm Assemblies

Any assembly available upon request.

Swing Arm View Pictures

Velocity Blow Mold Solutions offers a lightweight adjustable swing arm package as a replacement to the Uniloy® Swing Arm.

Our Swing Arm packages are designed for quick and easy installation.

We also offer a Servo Swing Arm upgrade kit that will eliminate the hydraulic rotary actuator. This upgrade kit provides smooth motion control and precise position. Think SAFETY with the upgrade kit!

Swing Arm Assembly – Servo Drive Upgrade


  • Servo Motor eliminates the hydraulics in the traditional swing arm packages.
  • Easy to install onto your current swing arm assembly
  • Precise positions cycle after cycle
  • Safety upgrade

Servo Upgrade Drawing

Servo Drive Upgrade Assembly ~ ASSY-804

Single Rotac® & Double Rotac® Machine Set Ups
No.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part Number
1Shaft Adaptor Plate1M520-173
2Servo Motor12365-0271
3Alpha Reducer12365-0234
4Swing Arm Reducer Clamp1M520-174
5Servo Swing Arm Shaft1By Length
6Adjustable Swing Arm Clamp2M520-175
71.25" Flange Bearing11100-0184
8Bearing Adaptor Plate1M520-172

Shown for a Single Rotac® Machine. Double Rotac® Machine Swing Arm Assemblies Available.

Lightweight Adj. Swing Arm Assembly


  • Adjustable Lightweight Swing Arms
  • Rotary Actuator
  • Air Cylinder, Clevis & Mounting Brackets
  • Actuating & Pivot Bracket (Easy Installation Design)
  • Swing Arm Fingers (Easing Installation Design)
  • Aluminum Finger Shafts

Adj Swing Arm Assmbly Drawing

Lightweight Adjustable Assembly ~ ASSY-805

No.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part Number
1Adjustable Arm4M520-060
2Arm Clamp4M520-068
3Act. Bracket2M520-037-1
4Pivot Bracket2M520-036
5Cylinder Bracket2M520-035
7Flairline Cylinder2MP000400002
9Finger4 per headM520-001B
11Finger Shaft4M520-032
12Upper Cylinder Shaft2M520-026
13Swing Arm, Side4M520-059
*Shoulder Bolt 0.31" x 1" LG4MP000140011
*Thrust Washer81100-0176
* Not shown

Non-Adj. Swing Arm Assembly with Flairline Cylinder for Uniloy 350R2

Flairline Cylinder Swing Arm Assmbly Drawing

Uniloy 350R2 Assembly ~ M520-039

6 Head Gallon or 8 Head Half Gallon
No.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1Rotac® Shaft1By Length-
2Swing Arm4M520-032872132
3Hex Screw 1-14 x 1 1/2" LG4--
4Swing Arm Shaft2M520-026117700
5Swing Arm Cylinder Bracket2M520-035843557
7Finger Shaft4M520-032843560
8Finger4 per headM520-001B881726
10Swing Arm Rod Clevis2MP000400001-
11Swing Arm Act. Bracket2M520-037843563
12Swing Arm Pivot Bracket2M520-036843564
13Flange Bearing1MP001200005670005
*Shoulder Bolt 0.31"x1" LG4MP000140011-
*Thrust Washer81100-0176-
* Not shown

Swing Arm Additional Part

DescriptionVelocity Part Number
Swing Arm Rotary ActuatorMP002320006