R2000 Clamp Package – Heavy Duty

R2000 Clamp Package

R2000 Clamp Packages

No.DescriptionVelocity Part Number
R2000Toggle PackageASSY-126
R2000Tie Bar PackageASSY-127

No.DescriptionQty.Velocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1Rear Platen1*-
2Metric Clevis8M514-002-
3, 4Toggle link + Bearing
Pressed Together
(we ship the links with
the bearings pressed in,
but can also be
sold separate)
Assembly: ASSY-119
(Link: MAT00687)
(Bearing: MP001200006)
5Center Platen1*-
6Rotac® Arm Left1M514-006-
7Rotac® Actuator2MP0002320007-
8Bushing Holder 2-1/2"4M514-012147488
9Tie Bar 2-1/2"4M514-013147476
10Platen Shoe6M514-011147467
11Platen Rail6M514-010L14545
12Metric Toggle Pin16M514-007
13Split Ring6M514-016143251
14Front Platen1*-
153" Super Bolt Tie Bar Assembly2M514-0152502407
16Tie Bar 3"2M514-019679706
17Tie Bar Nut 2-1/2"16M514-014143295
18Rotac® Center Link1(size dependent on machine)-
19Bushing Holder 3"2M514-021679740
20Rotac® Arm Right1M514-005-
21Center Rotac® Arm Left1M514-004-
22Center Rotac® Arm Right1M514-003-
* Need Platen measurements to quote