Blow Mold Machines and New Blow Mold Equipment for Sale

Blow Mold Machines Delivered in as Little as Six (6) Weeks!

Blow Mold Machine featuring pull-up style and spin trim style - New Blow Mold Equipment for Sale

A Full Line of Blow Mold Machines

Velocity Blow Mold Solutions offers a variety of machines to meet your production needs and cost parameters. The machines offer many features and options, including direct lead trimmer, detabber, and spin trimmer, leak detector, cooling bed, and many more!

Blow Mold Machine Types Available

  • Spin Trim – In 6, 8, 10 or 12 head configurations
  • Pull-up or Ram-down – In 4, 5, 6 or 8 head configurations

The Velocity Blow Mold Solutions Advantage:

  • 30 years of blow mold expertise goes into the design of every machine
  • Integrated real-time preventative maintenance software
  • Service after the sale
  • Latest efficiency upgrades for optimal performance
  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • State of the art electronics with operator friendly man-machine interface

Velocity’s blow molding equipment makes life easier for bottlers of dairy products, water, juices, and other noncarbonated beverages. We know what bottle-makers want from blow molding equipment, and that’s the way we designed our equipment. We designed our equipment to save time, money, and make better bottles.

Open Frame Design Reduces maintenance time by providing easy access.
High Efficiency Extruders Save money with more efficient use of power.
Front Die Adjustment Improves bottle quality by making adjustments easier, safer and more precise.
Stainless Steel Components Last longer and are easier to clean.
Allen Bradley PCL Controller Simple to understand, easy to program and faster to troubleshoot.
Panelview 1000 Color Touch Screen Provides easy visibility and operation and includes temperature monitor and controls.
One Piece Shot Cylinder Design More durable, lasts longer.
Hopper Drain Allows for safe and fast removal of resin for cleaning or color change.
Servo Drive Trimmers Simplify operation, allowing monitoring, and reduce setup time.
Air Barrel Cooling Systems Eliminates hazardous heat transfer fluid and pump, and reduces cooling costs.
Highest Quality Precision Tooling Last longer and produce better bottles.
Custom Features Available Allows customer to modify machine to the specific

We redesigned the blow mold machine to make it simpler to use:

  • Save time on changeovers
  • Save time on wear-part replacement and maintenance
  • Designed for safety, ease-of-use and easy cleaning
  • Built with materials that last longer – tool steel rather than casted parts
  • Produce better bottles
  • Customized to meet the customer’s individual needs




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