Types of UHMW Plastic Conveyor Systems:


Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW)
Plastic Conveyor Systems

Curved Plastic Conveyor System

As a solutions provider, Velocity Equipment Solutions has a unique perspective and offers a variety of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic conveyor systems that are superior to other standard conveyor systems. Our systems are custom designed to meet your needs. They are made from durable materials FDA approved for direct food contact, wash down ready and 20% more energy efficient than standard conveyor systems.

Customized Versatility

Approaching conveyors differently than others, Velocity custom engineers all of our UHMW plastic conveyor systems in accordance with the exact needs of our clients. The conveyors can be manufactured in any style, be it a flat table top, swan neck, horizontal, vertical or curved. The modular design allows you to easily reconfigure the conveyor with new sections as your needs change. Velocity has a streamlined manufacturing process that provides you a custom engineered conveyor system with extremely short lead times.

Reliable Durability

Velocity’s conveyors are manufactured out of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene that is pound for pound stronger than steel. It is also FDA approved for direct food contact. Velocity’s UHMW plastic conveyor systems can be designed to comply with any standards, to include 3A and cGMP. Moreover, they can be built for any environment, whether hazardous, wash-down or general-purpose. Our conveyors are attractive, durable and available in the color of your choice that will keep that ‘brand new’ look throughout its life.

Higher Efficiency

Our systems are uniquely designed to fully capture the conveyor belt and feature grooved tracks that allow for uniform tension. This eliminates the amount of belt sway or belt ride up that you would experience using other conveyor systems. The lubricity of the UHMW also provides very low coefficient of friction making our UHMW plastic conveyor systems 20% more energy efficient than standard conveyors.

  • Curved Modular Plastic Conveyor Systems
  • Flat Table Top Conveyor
  • Plastic Conveyor Ancillary Equipment
  • Plastic Horizontal Conveyor Systems
  • Swan Neck Plastic Conveyor
  • Vertical Plastic Conveyors