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Velocity Equipment Solutions specializes in three main areas: Capping Equipment, 5 Gallon Water Systems, and Blow Mold Machinery. Between these three fields, Velocity can provide your business with the equipment to take your packaging operations from start to finish (from designing and producing the container all the way to capping and finishing off the consumer-ready product). For information about specific packaging machinery units and customization options, follow the links below to each individual division. You can also contact us with further questions or to request a quote on equipment orders.

Velocity Capping

Capping equipment automatically sorts, transports and secures plastic caps onto bottles and containers. Our various capping and support machinery includes several types of cap sorters, custom-made chutes, elevator hoppers, cap tighteners, pick off heads, screw cappers and presser belts. Equipment for manufacturing plastic caps such as labelers, post manufacturing assemblies, visual inspection, etc., is also available. Equipment is designed for easy functionality and changeover, intended to accommodate a range of cap sizes and shapes. Providing all the equipment you need for container cap production and application, Velocity Capping is a one-stop shop for closure application systems.

Velocity H2O

5 gallon bottling machines provide integrated systems for washing, sanitizing, filling, and capping so that product packaging can be carried out in a streamlined, high-efficiency manner. Different bottle filling systems can be implemented to suit a client’s production requirements, including in-line fillers, side-shift fillers, pressure fillers, time-based pumps and rotary fillers. Replacement parts are also available, and associates are able to provide services for repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and general support for clients around the world. All materials used within Velocity filling systems are RoHS compliant, and all components in the food zone are NSF component certified.

Velocity Blow Mold

Blow mold machinery enables manufacturers to produce plastic bottles, jugs and containers on-site to meet their own custom specifications. Velocity offers solutions for ALL of your blow molding needs. A full range of state of the art New Machines, machine rebuild services, spare parts, molds, and the best tooling in the industry. Velocity’s innovative solutions surpass even the OEM offerings for upgrading your existing machinery. Velocity also has one of the largest service teams in the industry to assist with installation, cycle improvements, training, and even general plant assistance. All available 24/7 Worldwide!