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All New Velocity Guarding Packages

Mar 28 2018
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Velocity Equipment Solutions, LLC announced the completion of two new technologies for extrusion blow molding of HDPE containers

Jun 13 2014

Velocity Equipment Solutions, LLC announced the completion of two new technologies for extrusion blow molding of HDPE containers, in collaboration with Nampak Plastics. The first is the only All Electric Quick Change Reciprocating Blow Mold Machine in the world. This …

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Filling Equipment for Different Containers

Nov 26 2013

When consumers buy a jug of water, a bottle of juice, or a carton of milk, they never think how the product got into its container. As packaging experts know, a vast amount of technology and engineering is required to …

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Water Bottling Equipment & Solutions

Nov 26 2013

The equipment needed for a water bottling operation varies, from blow molding machines to filling and capping equipment. For the operation to function at its best, it needs to include equipment that allows it to work at peak efficiency throughout …

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Food Grade Packaging Equipment

Oct 25 2013

The food industry is highly regulated in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Every stage of food production, from the growing of vegetables to how the final product is handled …

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The Cost of Changeover for Packaging Operations

Oct 18 2013

When running a business, one of the primary keys to success is cutting back on costs and maximizing the hourly production of your human labor. For product manufacturers, a steady line of packaging is critical in reliable output. Even small …

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Tax Incentives for Packaging Equipment

Oct 14 2013

Businesses need every advantage to succeed, and some of the biggest they can get are tax incentives. These are given to businesses of all kinds, with the idea that helping them save money will let them grow and create jobs. …

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Bottling For Small- and Medium-Sized Operations

Oct 11 2013

Products of every shape, size and type have one thing in common: solid and protective packaging.  When items are still in the manufacturing phase and have been tested for quality, safety and the like, they head to a package filling …

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Filling Machine Options for Commercial Packaging

Oct 07 2013

Companies involved in bottling operations realize the importance of good machinery to keep a production line running. Within this industry, many filling machines are compatible with 5-gallon bottles. These include inline, side shift and an automatic filling and capping machine …

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Essential Packaging Equipment for Dairy Farmers

Oct 04 2013

Most dairy farms in America are smaller-scale operations with less than 200 cows. Of the 51,000 dairy farms in the US, 97% (including some larger facilities) are family-owned and operated. To increase the production value of their facilities, many dairy …

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