Velocity 150-275

h20 150-275 Water Bottling System

Velocity 150-275

The Velocity 150-275 Water Bottling System is our solution for bottlers that produce up to 275 bottles per hour. It is an affordable system that is designed to meet the needs of bottlers or operations that have a need for a lower volume bottling solution within their operation.

The Velocity 150-275 system features the quality and efficiency of all Velocity Water Bottling Equipment. There are a variety of options that can be included with a Velocity water bottling system to ensure it meets your requirements.

Velocity 150-275 Water Bottling System

  • 150 to 275 bottle per hour complete systems
  • Fully integrated washing, filling, and capping system
  • Manual load into washer
  • 9 station wash / drain / sanitize / rinse sequence
  • Internal electric heater
  • Automatic flip-over mechanism from washer to filler
  • Single head gravity filler system
  • Automatic capper with stainless steel centrifugal feeder bowl and chute
  • Positive air pressure blower and dust filtration for filler / capper section
  • 275 system requires fill pump
  • All material is RoHS compliant

Velocity 150-275 Optional Equipment

  • Overhead Cap Hopper/Feeder
  • Floor Level Hopper Cap Feeder
  • Ozone systems for sanitization of bottle at final rinse of washer
  • Ozone systems for sanitization of product water at filler