Velocity Upgrades Available for your Blow Mold Equipment

Upgrade Your Possibilities

If you aren’t getting the maximum quality or productivity from your bottle blow molding processes, call us today! We have an array of rebuild and upgrade options that can make your equipment perform better than ever! – at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Our 30+ years of maintaining and upgrading Uniloy® and other equipment gives you a true operational advantage.

Air Barrel CoolingReplaces liquid-cooled systems with air-cooledEliminates need for heat transfer fluid & chiller. Less expensive to maintain
Downstream PackageTransports bottles through a trimmer & detabberEasier to operate & maintain. Quicker, easier changeover
Cooling BedTransports bottles from machine to the trimmerSafer & more reliable. Improved controls
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)Replaces old Eddy current drive for extruderLess expensive to operate. More accurate control
Hydraulic Power UnitReplaces the old double pump systemEasier to set up, operate & troubleshoot. Longer pump life
High Flow Air SystemReplaces old air systemAllows faster cycle time. More reliable
Front Die AdjustmentReplaces the old four point designFaster, easier, safer adjustments that produce better bottles
Servo Drive Swing ArmReplaces hydraulic systemMore consistent, accurate control
PLC (s)Replace (s) relays in trimmer and/or machine cabinet (s)Eliminates counters & relays. Provides more reliable results. Decreases cycle time
Trimmer CabinetReplaces trimmer cabinet & fully rewires the trimmerReplaces relays & updates trimmer wiring to eliminate downtime
Rebuilt TrimmerTrimmer includes latest PLC, guards & interlocksGreater reliability. Enhanced safety
Crossover CatwalkPlatform that mounts over the cooling bedSafer reach to head adjustments. Keeps dirt off the bottles
"Z" Steps & GuardsSafety guard over the front of the machine clampSafer, easier adjustments. Larger opening for adjustments
Sliding Safety DoorIncludes latest safety switches & interlocksSafer, more secure. Larger opening for adjustments
Aluminum Swing Arm AssembliesReplaces original assembly to add life to rotary actuatorConsistent gripping of bottles for less downtime

An On-Site Audit Uncovers the Possibilities!

One of your equipment experts will discuss the condition of your equipment with your operations and maintenance managers. An assessment of your current blow molding system will include:

  • A precise assessment of your blow molding system’s current condition
  • A list of corrections and maintenance updates needed to restore or maintain your machine’s performance
  • Recommendations for extending the service life of your blow molding system or improving its quality and productivity via specific upgrades and/or rebuilds