Air Barrel Cooling Packages

Velocity’s Air Barrel Cooling Upgrade package replaces the standard liquid-cooled systems with air. The benefit from this upgrade is the elimination of heat transfer fluid and chiller. The upgrade package after installation is less expensive to maintain than the traditional liquid-cooled system.

This package is available as shown and also with a liquid-cooled feed.

Air Barrel Cooling Package

Air Barrel Cooling Assembly - ASSY-617

No.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part Number
3Bayonet Adaptor4M510-060
4Front Barrel Support1M520-156
5Shroud Housing4M512-052
*Support Blower1M512-028
*Support Blower Bracket1M512-032
*Liquid Cooled Feed Throat1M512-025D
* Not pictured.

Uniloy® Air Barrel Cooling Upgrade Assemblies

DescriptionVelocity Part Number
Uniloy® 250 (No Feed Throat)ASSY-619
Uniloy® 2016ASSY-621
Uniloy® 350 R2ASSY-617
Uniloy® 300R2ASSY-614
Uniloy® 350R1*
Uniloy® R2000*

Package shown for a Uniloy® 350R2 or a Velocity Blow Mold Machine RT or RS Series

Packages also available for 2016, 250R1, 350R1, 350R4, and 400R11.