Intermediate Duty Clamp Assembly – Tie Bar Package with Platens

Intermediate Duty Tie Bar Package

Tie Bar Package

ItemDescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1Front Platen1See Platen Section-
2Center Platen1See Platen Section-
3Rear Platen1See Platen Section-
4Split Ring / Retainer Ring4MAT00168841225
5Tie Bar Hex Nut4MAT00785320079
6Middle Tie Bar Nut6MAT00445879533
7Tie Bar Nut8MAT00556882948
8Bushing Holder 2"6MAT00064
(Refurbished: MAT00064R)
9Bushing Holder 2-1/2"2MAT00054
(Refurbished: MAT00054R)
10Tie Bar 2"4MAT00784882947
11Tie Bar 2-1/2"2MAT00221882945
12Platen Shoe6MAT00071829494
13Platen Rail9MAT00169823722
14Platen Shoe3MAT00999879445
Platens sold separately.

Clamp Assemblies are shipped with all the fasteners needed for easy assembly at your location!

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