28″ x 15″ Double Rotac® – Intermediate Duty

Intermediate Duty Clamp Assemblies are for a 6 Head Gallon or an 8 Head Half Gallon.
Clamp Assemblies are shipped with all the fasteners needed for easy assembly at your location.

Intermediate Duty Toggle and Center Link Package

Toggle Packages

Pkg.DescriptionVelocity Part Number
AToggle PackageASSY-102
BCenter Link PackageASSY-111
ItemPkg.DescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1ARotac® Arm Left1MAT00689841260
2AToggle Link + Bearing
Pressed Together
(we ship the links
with the bearings pressed in,
but can also be
sold separate)


Assembly: ASSY-119

(Link: MAT00687)

(Bearing: MP001200006)

4AToggle Pin16MAT00846841263
5BRotac® Actuator2MP002320003-
6BRotac® Center Arm, Left1M511-042-
7BRotac® Center Link1M511-040-2-
8BRotac® Center Arm, Right1M511-041-
9ARotac® Arm Right1MAT00688841259

Intermediate Duty Tie Bar Package

Tie Bar Package

ItemDescriptionReq'd QtyVelocity Part NumberUniloy® Part Number
1Front Platen1See Platen Section-
2Center Platen1See Platen Section-
3Rear Platen1See Platen Section-
4Split Ring / Retainer Ring4MAT00168841225
5Tie Bar Hex Nut4MAT00785320079
6Middle Tie Bar Nut6MAT00445879533
7Tie Bar Nut8MAT00556882948
8Bushing Holder 2"6MAT00064
(Refurbished: MAT00064R)
9Bushing Holder 2-1/2"2MAT00054
(Refurbished: MAT00054R)
10Tie Bar 2"4MAT00784882947
11Tie Bar 2-1/2"2MAT00221882945
12Platen Shoe6MAT00071829494
13Platen Rail9MAT00169823722
14Platen Shoe3MAT00999879445
Platens sold separately.

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